Sally Willits and Connie Bischoff have written a Self Help Workbook titled Turning Out The Lights With A Smile. Our motto is “We might not know when we’re going to go but at least we can have a plan. We won’t be a burden to anyone and we’ll have as much fun as we can.” While we search for a Publisher, we have a blog, FB Group at Turning Out The Lights With A Smile and we tweet from @agingorchids. Life is a rollercoaster, join us on our ride!!!

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Here are the facts: the oldest Baby Boomer has already turned 70, people are living longer, American households are not multigenerational, and senior housing and health care choices are confusing, expensive and leaving people pulling their hair out. Most folks are not aware of how much fun they can make the end of their lives by writing their own obituary, planning their funeral and memorial service, and having parties to get rid of clutter, etc. Turning Out The Lights With A Smile is a Workbook with tools and tips to make their “Senior” years more enjoyable and less stressful

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Sally Willits and Connie Bischoff